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We recognize that realtors have an important role as educators to their clients. For some, it could be helping their clients envision the possibilities within a potential home. To imagine themselves in a space, and to ask the right questions to determine how they really feel. However, it all starts with presenting the right options. 

In our previous article, covered how first time buyers make up a considerable portion of all home buyers. In this instance, a realtor’s role is even more important. While many buyers might identify “must-haves” for their home, the real estate agent ultimately presents options. 

Real Estate Agent Tools 

Many tools are automated, delivering links to new listings directly to buyers in real time. The listings appear to buyers based on criteria determined by their preferences. The end result is a list of likely matches fitting criteria such as “maximum price point,” number of rooms, etc. 

From a data perspective, the problem could be that some first time buyers may be setting criteria, eliminating houses that they would’ve found to be the “perfect fit.” 

Any realtor can attest to the fact that clients choose a home based on the way it makes them feel.

It’s likely these homes don’t check all of the boxes. The “feel” of a home can make the buyer look past having a three car garage or partially wooded lot. 

Presenting the Real Options 

Sure, realtors can go above and beyond by monitoring listing site updates. but let’s face it: who has the time? Depending on the area, hundreds or even thousands of homes can be listed in a day.

Implementing the ability to rank homes in order of “best fit” allows the buyer to add weight to their criteria rather than eliminating options before they even exist. 

Being A Consultant

The ability to rank options could be a valuable experience for buyers. The act of weighting how important individual aspects in a home can bring to light what really matters to the buyer. The realtor can provide feedback and use these insights to reveal the best options for the client.

Realtors already operate as consultants in the way they offering advice, neighborhood insights and simply daydreaming with their client about possibilities. Ranking is one mathematical step closer to identifying that home that just “feels right”