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Making light of
weighted decisions.

Decidere is the next generation of product selection software for any industry. Our algorithm can be dynamically applied to any set of data and configured to meet your business objectives and enhance your product selection process. We aren’t the experts in your industry, but our process makes selection more effective and more efficient when it comes to managing your data.

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Financial regulations continuously evolve, while trends driving best-interest advice remain. Tools that prove Financial Advisors are in it for investors are necessary. Decidere helps Financial Advisors meet client objectives through goals based product selection using current market data. The platform’s algorithm ranks thousands of funds based on their best fit to your client’s goals.

Financial advisors interested in leveraging their data for insights and weighted decision making can contact Craig Stiles, a FA at a major financial services firm to learn how he benefits from Decidere’s platform.

Real Estate

Find the perfect property with a direct feed to the MLS. We are not trying to compete with Trulia here.  We can offer a unique approach to homebuyers and realtors that allows you to sort through the market like never before.  We are going beyond location and number of bedrooms.  We also offer the opportunity to upload a custom dataset (such as a tax sale property list or foreclosure list) and to quickly find the targets you want to research thoroughly.


Everyone claims to be the best. Find the best for you. These days we are inundated with marketing from insurance companies claiming to have the lowest rates, the most reliable claims experience, and the best perks.  Many will offer to provide comparative quotes in order to win you over.  When you get down to it, finding the right insurance match for you is complicated.  You can compare all the criteria here, no strings attached.


Auto websites are always trying to implement tools to help shoppers find the best vehicle them. What about one they may not have considered? Whether customers are looking to upgrade to something sportier, the perfect transportation for your growing family or daily commute, they will have specific criteria that are important to them.  Automobile search sites today typically require customers to already know what make or model they want before they search.  Decidere is different; simply set the criteria that are most and least important such as fuel economy, seating, price and even the paint color; we find the car.


Finding the best candidate for the position is always a challenge. Job listing requirements are not created equal, and there’s more to finding the right match than “checking boxes.” Decidere’s groundbreaking algorithm now allows you to find the strongest candidates based on the qualifications that you decide are the most important. Simply assign a value for each necessary skill and receive a ranked list of ideal applicants. Decidere can even help you provide a platform which helps job seekers find their ideal position.

Data for Enterprise

Your data, your way.

Our algorithm can be dynamically applied to any set of data and configured to meet your business objectives.


Designed by Financial Advisors for Financial Advisors.


Decidere is an executable algorithm built on an R-server.


Decidere is a feature rich application with an intuitive interface.


Quickly rank thousands of funds based on their best fit for your clients.

Using Decidere to Expose Bias in Data

When people are given the same data, how is it that they come up with inconsistent results?  Bias. In Decidere's world, this is when one member of a business might weigh a criteria as important versus that of what another views as important. In situations like this,...

Realtors as Consultants

We recognize that realtors have an important role as educators to their clients. For some, it could be helping their clients envision the possibilities within a potential home. To imagine themselves in a space, and to ask the right questions to determine how they...

How People Are Filtering Out Their Dream Homes

Most real estate websites that we've evaluated have incorporated filtering tools to help buyers and realtors narrow down the list of available options while researching. It’s a platform that people generally accept, but the problem from a data management perspective...

Using Decidere to Find Investment Products That Will Ensure Lifestyle

Having essential basic needs covered for the long term is a major financial accomplishment. Naturally, there’s more to life than meeting minimum living standards. People find joy in all types of hobbies, vacations and family trips. However, lifestyle also encompasses...

Covering Essentials: Step 1 in a Solid Financial Plan

With the new year approaching, many people consider ways of taking control of their financial situation. Step one in creating a path to financial success is covering essentials. This means having a secure financial budget for needs which are essential to everyday...


You want the right fit for your business. We can help you through the decision-making process — no strings attached.